Real Estate

Franco Duarte Murillo Arredondo has an active and diversified real estate practice, including:

  • financings in connection with real estate projects;
  • development, construction and marketing of office buildings, shopping centers, hotels and other commercial, tourism, industrial and residential projects and resorts;
  • structuring and creation of trusts and other investment vehicles, including REIT-like trusts;
  • acquisitions, sales and sale-lease backs;
  • acquisitions of industrial and commercial properties and facilities through debt-to-equity conversions;
  • structuring and developing infrastructure projects;
  • title search;
  • environmental and zoning regulations; and
  • leasing of properties.

Our experience in real estate lending encompasses pre-development, construction, take-out, acquisition and permanent loans, including loans with participating or other equity features, in each case secured with office, commercial, industrial and hotel properties and their income.

The Firm has extensive experience in the preparation of all kinds of transactional documents, in conducting due diligence work, and dealing with governmental authorities such as the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (in relation to tax rulings), the National Commission of Foreign Investments (for purposes of obtaining authorizations of foreign investment and foreign investment trusts), the Public Registries of Property (in connection with filings, registrations, title searches and recordings of real estate transactions), the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (in connection with environmental matters) and with federal, state and municipal agencies and entities entrusted with zoning matters and local taxes.