At Franco Duarte Murillo Arredondo you will find respected legal wisdom combined with business skills and strategic thinking, to provide advice tailored to your unique needs. We ventured to form and achieve an innovative style of organization precisely to provide our clients with creative solutions and fresh approaches to sophisticated transactions and complex matters, as well as with a broad array of innovative problem-solving techniques.

We are visionary lawyers at the cutting edge of an exciting worldwide environment, transforming the practice of law in line with the values that our firm deeply holds when providing legal services and making decisions.


We have designed our Firm according to values, and that is why our clients are selecting us. Who we are and what we stand for is becoming just as important as the quality of legal services we provide.

We express our values by always looking at our role and at the client’s and third parties’ role in the matters entrusted to us, and the impact on the community of the relevant business, problem and solution.


Franco Duarte Murillo Arredondo is sensitive to the needs,
the values, and the highest good of the client, society, and legal profession.
We are proud to be lawyers, with shared values and adaptive cultures.

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