At Franco Duarte Murillo Arredondo we move away from work patterns of traditional firms, by incorporating a methodology that identifies WHY, HOW and WHAT.


We are fueled by passion and purpose. We see ourselves as agents of transformation and evolution, helping to do business, solve problems and build bridges between people.


We work from the root of our clients’ needs; by knowing the origins and objectives of each matter entrusted to us we have the opportunity of finding the most effective and sustainable solutions. We move "from the inside out" and not vice versa, as do many other firms.

We achieve success with a vast experience of our team of lawyers, domestic and international networks and specialized know-how.


We provide expertise in a broad spectrum of transactional matters and regulatory areas, and represent clients in various kinds of litigious cases.

Our clients range from some of the world’s largest companies to individuals and small businesses. Our clients’ business interests range in scope from local to global, and cover various kinds of industries.